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skating in the park

I took this last night with my cell phone while I was at Liberty Park skating. I was getting tired so decided to walk for a bit, and the shadow was just really cool looking. My crappy camera phone doesn’t do it much justice.

I ended up going out today as well for about four hours, two in the morning when I got up, and just got back home right now from another jaunt. Fun times. I’m slowly getting better, but not nearly as fast as I’d like. My body just isn’t used to doing any kind of sports, so it’s really slow progress. I need to find someone to get some lessons from.


  1. nightmorph nightmorph May 25, 2008

    Well, hello, Mr. Monk. With a hooded robe!

    Cool shadow, at any rate.

  2. wonder weenie wonder weenie May 25, 2008

    cool piccie

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