yet another must-have toy

I downloaded a copy of DSL-N last night, per Aaron’s suggestion, and played around with it.  I got it successfully installed on my USB stick, but my computer wouldn’t boot off of it.  It just said ‘boot failed’ even though I know I had the BIOS setup to access it. Maybe you need a special USB bootable stick.  I’m not sure.

Anyway, the really cool thing is that DSL has a tiny store where they sell Mini-ITX systems.  I’ve never heard of these until now, and I’m way stoked.  I gotta have one.😀

One of the coolest things about these little guys is that they are fanless!  I would love to have a totally quiet mythfrontend system.  I have no idea how in the world I’d set it up, boot off the network probably, but it would be loads of fun to try.  I picked out this little model as the one I want to get, and at under $300, I’m tempted to up and buy one right now.

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