utah open source planet has changed my life

Utah Open Source Planet has changed my life. Before my blog got pulled into the local community feed, I was only getting 3 unique visitors a day, with zero comments. Now, I’m getting 300 unique visitors a month with zero comments. Plus I’m really popular with, whoever that is, wow! *waves*

Getting so many hits and visits has really changed things. Now hair grows on my chest. My Cheerios taste better. I can program in Perl. I’m sure you’ve learned a lot from me as well — I always get IMs asking me how I manage to even keep a computer running for more than 20 minutes!

Thanks UOSP, you rock! And thank you, too, Planet Gentoo. I love you guys.😀


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5 responses to “utah open source planet has changed my life

  1. I really did laugh out loud. Thanks!


  2. Steve,
    Dude, you are the man. Try the Honey Wheat Lo-cal fat-free Strawberry Diet Vanilla Chex. Those things will put some hair in your eyeballs.

  3. …now if it could just help with the chick problem😉

  4. I’m still laughing🙂

  5. Gregorio

    You can program in pearls? Do you do that while eating your cheerios? jk… actually, I’m glad to hear that you’ve improved your eating habits from that little “Chef-boy-ardee” episode. You’ve changed your breakfast cereal from super-chocolate-lucky-charms to plain ol’ cheerios?

    p.s. did you know your crusty ol’ brother used to write programs in PERL?

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