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I’ll just quote what I said from my homepage:

I see a lot of the same questions constantly come up on the Gentoo Forums and on #gentoo about how to do some stuff with multimedia, ranging from basic to advanced topics. Most of these are already answered and come up on a regular basis.

I’m not claiming to be a multimedia guru, but I have run into a lot of simliar situations and played with a lot of applications, and get tired of seeing the same unanswered questions over and over.πŸ™‚ I’m going to write up a FAQ that should hopefully field the more common questions.

I’ve listed below a few of the ones that I already plan on answering. If there are more that you can think of (keep them simple and short, please) drop me an e-mail at beandog at gentoo dot org.

So, send in your questions.πŸ™‚

Here’s the URL:


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15 responses to “gentoo multimedia faq

  1. tro

    Hey, why not put this on the wiki? Seems like something that we could all collaborate on.πŸ™‚

  2. HXC

    I would like to see the following question answered:
    How to enable sound for audio cd’s

    For a quick reference the other questions you can look in my starters guide:

  3. Steve

    I would put it on the wiki, except that it’s not going to be a full on HOWTO at all … just a quick reference with a lot of links to the wiki, I’m sure.

  4. HXC

    P.S. The wiki would be a greta place to put it!

  5. Common question: how do I turn my avi/ogg/wmv/rm/mpg movies into a DVD. In fact it seems that half the computing power in the multimedia world is turning DVD’s into avi’s, and the other half is spent turning them back again!
    Tentative answers: any2dvd and/or tovid

    Another common one: How do I back up my DVD9 commercial DVD to a DVD5? (Complete with menus, chapter points and multiple sound tracks.)

  6. zenria

    other questions :
    How do I mount automatically USB disks, CDROM, DVDs (without any user action) ?
    How can I eject a cdrom/dvds with simply press the eject button (without unmounting it like in MS windows) ?

  7. Blytte

    Why can I only play DVDs as root even though I have all the necessary rights (reading/writing) to my DVD-drive?

  8. KL

    Kaffeine can be used to record radio and television programs to hard disk in the DVB MPEG-2 transport stream (*.m2t) format only.
    How can this format for radio be converted to MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) or WMA (Windows Media Audio) or ATRAC (Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding) which are compatible with CD requirements for audio players?
    How can this format for television be converted to MPEG-2 elementary stream that is compliant with DVD and SVCD standards for video players?

  9. bacatta

    Great idea ! I’m looking forward your work.

  10. Charles

    Here’s another one: how do I choose which of my two sound cards gets used with various programs in ALSA? I use a SoundBlaster Live for playing mp3s and such, while I use my motherboards sound for system sounds and games, and I remember it being a PITA to setup.

  11. tkhobbes

    Another question (which completely confuses me at the moment) is: What is the difference between ALSA/OSS, ARTS/ESD, JACK etc. – and what’s the best method of combining these for different tasks (like multimedia pc, audio producer, musician, gaming etc.)

  12. jamesDunn

    As an amature musician I have to use windows for a lot of my music production applications, I mostly use NativeInstruments Guitar Rig 2, I heard that one can run this in linux using wine and jack, the plugins are VSTi, will these kind of questions make it into your FAQ? There isnt any simple recipie for this sort of thing out there is there? Nice selection on the DVD Ripping stuff though.

  13. Dennis S

    What is a recommended way to convert taped videoand audio (from sources like VHS, or Cam Video Cassett) to a DVD?

    Thanks for your willingness to gather these key points together. Wiki, forum, personal blog… who cares where, just get links to the FAQ everywhere you feel is practicle. Google will do the rest

    Your Fan!

  14. bacatta

    I hope you doesn’t have give up !?

  15. Steve


    No, just haven’t had time.