planet larry: splits, free blogs, new backend

Well, already it looks like splitting Planet Larry up into on-topic and off-topic feeds might be a good idea. Bah. I had really hoped I wouldn’t have to do all that extra work, but I think it would be very nice. Does anyone else feel the same way?

The one big problem I have with that though is how to split RSS feeds into categories when their blogging software doesn’t support them (I’m talking to you, LiveJournal). There’s only a few solutions I can think of, none of which are partciularly to my liking.

One is to have the users put “Gentoo:” or something similar in the title tag, then I would write a new backend (to either replace planet or regurgitate your feed) to grep those out that don’t match the topic. Another idea is to pull the feed myself and recreate it, and then give the users a very simple frontend to tick which ones they want pulled to the planet. I was hoping Feedburner would provide something like that, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Bummer.

Another option is this — get a free WordPress blog and put my mind to rest once and for all. I love WordPress. It works fantastic. I don’t want to force anyone to use something they’re not familiar or happy with though, just for the sake of being pulled into here (did I mention it would make my life easier, though?). It’s up to you, the users, really which software you wanna use, and I can take it from there. It’s just gonna take a little coding on my part. No biggie.

One last thing — thanks to Tomasz on showing me how to fix the max image size on the planet webpage. I gotta fix that on Planet Gentoo as well.


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7 responses to “planet larry: splits, free blogs, new backend

  1. Or create two lists. One for those who have RSS for categories and second for others. The second list will be check for ‘Gentoo:’ in title.

  2. It would also be good to split them up per language, or require the feeds to be english-only. I’m not particularly fond of having half the page occupied by stuff in languages and letters I don’t even understand.πŸ˜‰
    Best regards, CHTEKK.

  3. Don’t give in to the urge. Gentoo is the only Planet in existence that requires all posts to be on-topic. To me, that says Gentoo doesn’t care about the people developing it and building the community.

  4. Oh btw, talk to robbat2 if you need to split feeds out from LiveJournal etc. He has a setup to do it already.

  5. Steve


    I think you’re right, actually. I have noticed that other planets just pull everything in. Plus, it’d be a lot of work, and I like the mix the way it is. I think I’ll just say if the bloggers want to only have some cats pulled and some not, it’s up to them. But the policy will be to allow off-topic.

    @CHTEKK, that’s coming soon.πŸ™‚

  6. Hey.. Livejournal _does_ support tagging. You just have to set it up via the user management area.

    You add the tag, when you update your post, you just put the relevent tags in it. I use logjam as my client, (I don’t usually like to post via the webpage due to me not having I-net access at times) and thus I need to see if it supports tags.

    Oh.. and you don’t need to write a backend, someone already did that already.

    See this is my post/rss feeds with the gentoo tag.

    Here is the link to the “manual”??

  7. The only change I’d like to see made, if ANY, would be Planet Larry, and Planet Larry Universe.

    However, what is on topic? Gentoo? Linux? Operating Systems in general?
    The tech world? Politics?

    If there must (and I mean MUST) be a split, go the route that Gentoo took (I know I subscribe to Universe).
    Otherwise, this is a community effort, and I like it as is.

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