planet larry: with love from germany (and austria)

One of the really cool things I like about Planet Larry is that we pull in feeds from bloggers all around the world. Obviously that was the general idea to start with, but to see it in action is just plain cool.

There are bloggers from Australia, Austria, Belarus, Canda, China, Denmark, England, Fance, Germany, India, Israel, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Thailand and the USA.

Something I’ve wanted to do since the start of this was to have different planet feeds for different languages. Now, this is in the very beginning stages, but at least I’ve started working on this. We already have four bloggers who live in German-speaking countries, so I’ve been playing with setting up their own planet feed first. Here it is:

The first question I know most of you are asking is if there’s going to be an English-only feed as well. The answer is yes, just as soon as I get some time. Managing a lot of planet config files isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it is getting there the more I learn.

Anyway, that’s going to be the basic setup for the language-feeds. I’ll pull in those that blog in a certain language and live in a country that speaks that language as well. Also, since we don’t do any kind of international split on Planet Gentoo, I’m thinking of pulling in the developers blog’s as well into these, if no one is opposed to the idea. What do you guys think?

By the way, I have to thank everyone whose been so supportive of the idea so far. Especially to Thomas Cort (tcort) who is hosting the thing for us. Right on. I’m getting all weepy.🙂

Oh yes, something I almost forgot — if I don’t have your province and country, could you e-mail me those so I can get them in the config files?  The Planet webpages display those now, along with a little flag.


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4 responses to “planet larry: with love from germany (and austria)

  1. I have to admit, the user blogs have been very cool so far. I don’t know that many people are necessarily interested in my ranting, but since most of my friends aren’t especially technical, at least i’ve got a decent venue for it now :p

  2. Ryan Hill

    i think pulling in Planet Gentoo would be content overload. i have enough trouble just trying to keep up with both as is.😉

    hrm, i guess it would be one less planet for me to read. still, not everyone wants to read both.

  3. Kim

    I too would say that there is no need to pull in the Planet Gentoo dev blogs to your feed. I already have them coming in and would prefer to keep user and dev blogs separate. Also, I eagerly await the separation of English and non-English blogs on this Larry-feed. Right now I am closing way too many windows just because I can’t read what they say. I am glad all non-English writers finally found a great place to publish their stories, but at the same time sad that I am not able to take part in the words these users found were so important that they had to blog AND syndicate them, since they are put forward in a language other than English.

    Best of luck.


  4. Tom Garland

    I think pulling the Gentoo user blogs together is great! But just because a blogger uses Gentoo doesn’t mean that they have something to say about Gentoo an any particular day.

    So under thunderbird in NEWS & BLOGS I setup a filter that checks both the subject and body of the Planet Larry blog for ‘Gentoo or gentoo’ and re-direct them to a gentoo folder in my inbox. I leave the rest of the non-transfered Planet Larry blogs alone for a quick read, just in case I find something interesting to me in them. It does save me a good amount of time.

    Keep up the good work, I have found the Gentoo blogs very informative

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