gentoo treecleaners status

Alec Warner (antarus) posted a good email on the gentoo-dev mailing list about how we rarely hear about updates from some teams. Since QA was one of them, I thought I’d give a quick ping on what I’m working on with the treecleaners project.

I won’t bore you with a rehash of what treecleaners is, you can read that on the project page. What I’m working on is GPNL, which is basically getting a clean index of what’s in the portage tree, and what stuff is unmaintained and needs a developer.

Right now I’m in the stage of development — getting some scripts cobbled together so that I can put the metadata into a database where it can be easily searched and turn out some queries. It would be similar to what you find on but geared more towards a package’s development status.

Former Gentoo dev Daniel Ahlberg (aliz) has been kind enough to offer me a copy of his scripts that run the backend of this page here, which has always been a great tool to see what state the packages are in. Hopefully I can get those figured out, but even if I don’t, I’m feeling the itch to write my own tools to grep / index the tree at the very least to help with development (a merging of earch, eix and herdstat would be awesome).

So that’s what I’m up to. That, and breaking as many media-video ebuilds as fast as I can.🙂

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  1. Alfredito

    Great blog
    BTW, has an error in Maintainer-Needed paragraph. Sorry if you knew already.

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