subversion broken again

I don’t know why, but every now and then svn over http just seems to break for me.  Normally, I would attribute it to me fiddling around too much, but it seems like lately it just kind of stops working with any incremental upgrade of apache, subversion or libneon and I have to re-emerge the entire set or poke at my apache config again.  Actually, I really haven’t been able to pinpoint the reason at all since I’ll be doing regular upgrade maintenance on my box one day, and checking things in and out of subversion another, and suddenly something won’t work.  And it’s always the same thing: some kind of permission denied or funky apache error.  Naturally, using svnserve instead works just fine.

This brings me to a point that keeps coming up more and more though — I really need to get a stable development box that I can use, something where it just runs the basic webserver + databases (postgresql, sqlite, mysql) stack along with subversion and trac, and just leave it alone.  My completely underused Mini-ITX would fit the bill perfectly, although I’m slightly worried that running two database servers would slow it down quite a bit.  Still, either way, it needs to be done because there’s nothing more annoying than going to check in your changes and you find that you suddenly have to rebuild your backend.

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  1. I’d like to help you with these issues. One thing that I’d warn you about is db-4.4 which is only supported in the 1.4 release. After that, the complex relationships between the libraries make things hard indeed.

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