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One thing I promised when I first setup Planet Larry was to have an English only feed, and I still haven’t gotten around to that. The biggest problem that I’ve run into is I’m not sure how to handle the situation since some of our bloggers are bilingual. What I really don’t want is to make the project seem “Americanized” in any sense of the word, which is why the main planet feed pulls from all the users blogs, irregardless of their language or nationality.

However, the thing I realized is that in my effort to be friendly to all nations, it’s actually rendering it useless since everyone is going to have to filter through the languages they can’t read.

So, this is my idea. I want to make the “English” feed just like the other ones — if the blogger is bilingual, I’ll put their feed in both language feeds. At least that should be universally fair.

If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know.

Oh, one more point of clarification. A lot of times when I ask someone if they’d be interested in having their feed pulled on Planet Larry, their initial reaction is hesitance because they’re not “on topic” all, most or any of the time. Let me point out — there isn’t any on topic at all. Look at all the other planet feeds, most of them do not pull in two feeds based on on and off topic similar to Planet Gentoo and Gentoo Universe. I want our feed to pull in everything so we can get to know what’s going on in your lives. Nothing is off topic.

If you want though, it’s still up to you how you want your feed aggregated. If you want us to pull only a few categories (and if your blog supports that), then that’s fine. Also, if you have a LiveJournal account and you want us to create a category feed for you, that’s fine. Just e-mail me (beandog@g.o) and I’ll get you hooked up.

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  1. Mr Kim Nilsson

    Where do I select English only?

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