happy christmas, random kid

My little nephew had to have surgery this week (poor kid), and I felt bad for the little guy, so I decided to send him some toys from Amazon.  I found some cool little dinosaurs and bought them, and send them 2-day UPS.  Well, they were supposed to arrive this morning, so I logged onto the website to check out the delivery status, and it says “Out for delivery, Charlotte, NC.”  And I’m thinking to myself … “wait a minute, they don’t live in North Carolina anymore …”

Sure enough, I never updated my address book from when my sister’s family moved halfway across the country.  Ah well.  Merry Christmas … to someone.🙂


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2 responses to “happy christmas, random kid

  1. I’m sorry dude… hahahahahahaha that’s pretty funny.🙂

  2. Matt

    The people who bought our old house were kind enough to pay UPS to forward the package to us. Merry Christmas after all.

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