no more eclasses for you!

I just took out one little feature from GPNL, and that was displaying what eclasses a package inherits. The reason I ripped it out is because it was incomplete, and had little chance of ever getting corrected. It was incomplete because eclasses themselves can inherit other eclasses, and in turn other use flags, and the ones it pulls in depends on your setup … at least, I’m assuming so, because some of them have variables in there.

Anyway, the important reason for actually taking that out is that I’m ripping out a few features that are bottlenecks and instead just trying to go back on reporting quality assurance issues, which is what the main point of this website was for anyway.

I’ve already got all the data and tools I need to duplicate aliz’s old stable website, but I haven’t even gotten around to doing that, which is pretty lame. Plus, my search functionality isn’t nearly as cool as his. I need a way to search just QA issues. Of course, I need to get them into the database first.

So, basically, I’m refocusing on the basics again with this website instead of trying to display every freaking ebuild variable and detail. The code is nasty enough as it is, and the less work, the better. And there you go.


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2 responses to “no more eclasses for you!

  1. Betelgeuse

    Worrying that you don’t know that conditional inherits would break the cache. Exactly the reason for the big debug eclass cleanup and removal.

  2. It won’t depend on your setup whether something is inherited, the variables will be non-cache-breaking things such as which category the package is in, or whether its name matches some token, etc.

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