audio visions

Man, I love music.

This morning on the way to work, was listening to Audio Visions on XM Radio (who gave me a sweet deal, by the way, $77 for a year’s subscription), and something really cool was playing. I checked the artist info and it was some guy named Chris Spheeris, and the track name was Afterimage.

I’d never heard of the guy, but the music seemed a little more haunting and interesting than usual, so I quickly scribbled it down while stopped at a light.

When I got to work, I checked it out on Music and bought a used album of his called Desires of the Heart for about $5. The album name sounds cheesy, I know, but I poked at about half the track samples after buying it, and it sounds really good. I’m excited to get it. It’s always fun finding some new artist whose stuff you instantly like right away that you’ve never heard of.

Well, I loved the idea of getting a used album so cheap, so I poked around my music wishlist that I usually ignore to see if I could pick up any other sweet deals. I bought a copy of Cristofori’s Dream (David Lanz), and then Tempest (Jesse Cook). I’ve been meaning to get the first one for a very long time since I first heard it on Rhapsody about a year ago. Great stuff. And I absolutely love my Vertigo album by Jesse Cook … I never imagined I’d love flamenco so much, but it’s the guitar that gets to me.

So, I’m pretty excited to get some new music soon. I’ve been needing something new for a while now.


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2 responses to “audio visions

  1. This is why we need to fight the retroactive bill that will take effect on Internet Radio come July. This bill is nothing but bad news. Here, you are listening to a satellite radio station, found some great music that you like, then went out purchasing an album and supporting the artist. This happens time and time again with Internet Radio. As listening, I find great music that I like, and end up purchasing the album. I own several because of that method. If this bill passes, and forces Internet Radio out of business, then I won’t be able to find the music that I love as easily. As such, I’ll be hurting the artists and record labels.

    At any event, I’m glad you found some good music. Good stuff.

  2. Tom

    I couldn’t find any other site to comment on”Audio Visions”on XM Radio. A lot of their music is great–new age, dreamlike, even with some choral medleys from time to time. However, good as they are in some aspects, they also play junk: cluncking bells, odd noises that are just noise, and very unpleasant boring crap to listen to–I wish they’d weed out the junk and keep the good stuff. It would not be hard for them to figure out what to not play anymore and what to keep.

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