can't sleep

I have been having a really hard time sleeping lately.  I think it’s been adding up for a couple of reasons.  For one, we don’t have any central air conditioning in my apartment.  The landlord never mentioned that (that I recall) when I signed the lease in November, and it’s been pretty brutal.  Our small building is made of brick, and there are no trees to cover the thing like there is on every other house in the neighborhood.  As such, sitting inside is like hanging out in an oven, since you get cooked to death.  The temperature is always about 5 degrees hotter inside than it is outside.

Last night was really unbearable.  I hadn’t slept the night before very well, and left work early to get some sleep, which in turn made it so I couldn’t fall asleep last night on time either.  The heat wasn’t making things any better, either.  The temperature inside was 83 degrees, and that was with every window open and some fans turned on.  Pretty crazy.  I didn’t fall asleep until 3 a.m. or so, I think, and that was after going to bed about 11:30.  Then I had to rush into work, tired, this morning to finish up a project and the fun cycle starts up all over again.  I’m probably gonna take off just to get a nap so I can catch up, and restart the whole thing.

Last night I thought about taking some sleeping medication to help me fall asleep, but I’ve never taken any, and the whole idea makes me really nervous.  How does something make you fall asleep?  What I’m really worried about is coming to depend on it, since I believe most health problems in life can be solved ourselves by eating right, exercise and of course getting to bed on time.  So I roughed it out and finally fell asleep, but it was brutal.  Today, I’m going to go buy a ceiling fan for my bedroom.  That should help.  Only 3 more months in my lease, and I’m outta there … too bad we’re only at the start of summer.


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3 responses to “can't sleep

  1. I’ve taken sleeping pills from time to time. I don’t really know *how* they work, but man I’m thankful I did those times. High stress times, etc and a little non-prescription pill puts you right out so you can tackle it again tomorrow..

    I’m sure I sound like a commercial, but if you’re having trouble for that long, man, I’d do it. Not getting sleep is just going to lead to other health problems.

  2. Yeah, just hope you don’t die of heat stroke (or a fire, or whatever) cuz you can’t wake up from your sleeping pills. Here’s what I recommend:
    1. good: get a box fan and point it right at you
    2. better, but expensive: a window a/c unit.
    3. best & cheapest: you live in Utah–it gets cold outside at night. buy one of those window fans and force the cold air in. We had one in Milwaukee and it worked wonders.|Honeywell_Twin_Window_Fan__White_HW628&nAID=14110944&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

    #s 1 & 3 will work, cost less than the pills, and have fewer side effects…

  3. jvs

    you cannot sleep because of the temperature in your home. it’s just too hot too sleep. your body/brain is not used to this. taking sleeping pills makes you force your body and brain to shut down. and this is just not right. the sleep you will get is not worth the risk of possible serious health damages. you better think about Gregory’s suggestions.

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