back in business, mplayer bumpage

Well, my box at home is working again, and to prove it, I bumped a new subversion snapshot of MPlayer into the tree this morning (1.0.20070622). Please note that I made absolutely zero small, minor or other changes to the ebuild, so don’t look for any fancy cleanup other than it’s the most recent code from upstream. The reason I did that was to get the open security bug taken care of, and I can always go back and clean up the less important stuff later.

As far as working on Gentoo stuff goes, I’m planning on taking things slowly. What happens everytime is that I’ll stretch myself too thin, and it quickly becomes un-fun having so much stuff to do, so I need to take a break. My approach this time, I think, is going to be to try and focus on one application at a time, get it completely cleaned up and taken care of, and maybe get some documentation written on it. After that, I can move onto another application and do the same thing. It makes things much easier when you’ve attacked a set of ebuilds for one program and cleaned them up as much as possible, for when you have to come back later and change something it only makes it that much easier.

The first app I want to start on and attack completely is abcde. It’s a great little CD ripper and encoding app, and the more I use it, the more I realize how awesome it is. I’ll write more about it later, though.

I’m also going to cut back on my IRC usage quite a bit as well. One thing I realized I didn’t like when I turned on my box the other day, was that I kept wanting to “check in” on IRC and IM as I was wondering around the house getting stuff done. That kind of nagging thought really bugs me, so I’ll probably only be online if I’m actually sitting at the computer doing something.

Anyway, I’m planning on working on some Gentoo stuff this weekend, so if you have anything in particular you’d like some attention given to, just let me know. I’ll be hanging out in #gentoo-media and #gentoo-mythtv.


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2 responses to “back in business, mplayer bumpage

  1. Greg

    i was just listening to the audio book “the world is flat” today, and I thought about you computer geeks. I’m a wannabe computer geek, I need your help to get full status. anyway, the author (thomas friedman) names open source as one of the world flatteners. you should check it out. it’s been on the best seller list for a long time… at least read the chapter about open source. I wanna know if you agree with what he says.

  2. Yo… If you can do anything about getting ardour 2.0 in the tree (unstable or stable), I’d appreciate it. It’s the main program I use to write music, and the features they’ve added would definitely make my life a bit easier.

    Thanks for all you do, Steve.


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