my desktop screenshot

I was trying to think of something to write, and posting a screenshot of my desktop seemed like a fun idea.  Here it is.

And yes, I’m still running XFCE 4.2.  I like it.  Plus, I’m a really slow adopter when it comes to some things.

I do love that castle though, someday I plan on owning my own and living there.🙂


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3 responses to “my desktop screenshot

  1. 4.2 is FAIL dipped in FAILSAUCE. I keep hounding you to upgrade! 4.2 hasn’t been in the tree in months!

    Go read my guide: . I’ve even left in the 4.2 upgrade chapter specifically for people like you. C’mon. You’re only hurting yourself by continuing to use xffm. Use 4.4 and Thunar.😉

  2. Phil

    Thre is this casel? isn it in Romania?

  3. Phil

    Plese mail me an answer.


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