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I’ve been having problems with the cache of the RSS 2 feeds, and in an attempt to clean up config files, broke it completely. Whoops. As a matter of record, though, I think that I would recommend the Atom feed above the RSS ones, after doing a little reading on the two. Personally, I’d like to ditch RSS 2 completely, especially if the issues persist (which I can’t really explain too well, and it might just be a problem with my reader — anyone else having problems?), but we’ll see what happens.

I should probably elaborate what’s happening.  Using liferea, with the RSS 2.0 feed for Planet Larry, the posts from ~5 days ago always refresh as “new” posts.  It’s really odd,  especially since it’s the only one of all my feeds that does it, and of all the ones on Planet Larry, it’s just the RSS 2 one that is doing it.  The Atom one is fine.  Who knows.  It could just be a bug.


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3 responses to “rss and atom

  1. Well, man… It seems like this might be a problem with Planet Larry’s feed. Not the specification itself. Might want to do a little more research before coming to the conclusion that RSS 2.0 has issues.

    Seems to me like Planet Larry’s version of RSS 2.0 has issues.

  2. Dave

    I just tried using the Atom feed, and I noticed that it doesn’t include the authors’ names in the title, like the RSS does. Any chance of fixing that?

  3. Steve


    The atom feed doesn’t have the author name in the title, but it is in the XML. So, depending on your reader, it will show up in there.

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