new monitor

I got a new monitor at work today. It’s a Samsung 226BW, and it is very nice. I actually like the widescreen monitors. The great thing about them is you can work on your code and easily watch videos on the side.🙂

Here’s a pretty snapshot of my desktop to go along with it.



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2 responses to “new monitor

  1. wonder weenie

    ooh, it is nice to watch movies at the same time as “working”

  2. An iguana?! What the heck are you running, Suse?!?

    Also, widescreen monitors are the only kinds of monitors worth having. Standard 4:3 screens are completely useless. I’ve a 19″ widescreen monitor, purchased in part because it’ll let me have two full documents side-by-side, even with room leftover for other visible windows. A must when writing XML documentation with two big gvim windows open.😉

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