wordpress multiple/minus category feeds

Okay, figured out how to create feeds in WordPress 2.7 that will exclude a certain category.  I really wish this stuff were better documented.  As in, I shouldn’t have to read any docs or google for examples, but immediately wake up one day with this knowledge.

Anyway, here’s a case of my feed for all posts *minus* the new Religion one I’m starting to add stuff to: https://wonkabar.org/feed/?cat=-5

Also, if you want to do more than one, looks like they just need to be comma separated:


Just drop the minus sign if you actually want to include them instead of exclude.  As for figuring out what the IDs of your categories are … well, have fun.  I just guessed.

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  1. Ace – you’re a star. The first bit I knew (the ?cat=-5 ) but I couldn’t work out the right syntax for removing more that one cat from the feed. Thank you Steve!

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