down the rabbit hole: my encoding setup

At some point, I really want to detail my entire setup for organizing, cataloging, ripping, encoding, and storing my entire DVD collection, because frankly, it’s kind of cool and it’s really fun. Plus, I’ve spent a lot of time on it, and I think it’d be good to get the information out there.

Or in other words, take the braindump that is on and put it into a huge document.

That’d be fun.

Here’s all the components (in no real order) that I have:

  • Command-line tools to get all the metadata from the DVD I can and drop it into a database.
  • Website to collect and organize DVDs and its properties (tracks, chapters) into libraries (TV Shows, Movies) and episodes or content.
  • Command-line scripts to extract the data from the database and create scripts to extract everything.
  • Do the encoding.

Every time I try to describe it, it gets really complex. I basically have to merge multiple components with multiple programs written in multiple languages to encode content to one specification to play back on one application.

It works. 🙂

Here’s a sample encode running right now on my server, to kind of illustrate every step I have:

HandBrakeCLI --markers --cfr --title 7 --encoder x265 --quality 18 --rate 60 --encoder-preset medium --encopts level-idc=50:colorprim=smpte170m:transfer=smpte170m:colormatrix=smpte170m --audio 1 --aencoder copy --input /home/steve/Media/Laundry-Basket/1.567.1867.MASK..iso --output 1.567.1867.16866.MASK..mkv

I seriously don’t know how I would *organize* all the data, because of its size and complexity, and thinking about that and knowing I can go so many different directions with it and me being so pedantic about writing it, kind of makes it impossible. I guess maybe it might make sense to split preference from technology. Or something. For me, they just go hand in hand. I mean, what good is all the tech involved if you can’t get the social experience you expect (good content in good viewing situation).

Who knows. It rocks, though. 🙂

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