working with teenagers … the blog!

Okay, so I decided to start yet. another. new. blog. It’s called “working with teenagers”. I’m reproducing … at least, in some fashion. I wonder if my parents are proud of me. Late at night, they can stay up and say, “this is about as close to grandkids as we’ll get! Pass me some Wheat Thins.” Seems reasonable.

Really, though, since I’m going to school to, you know, do this full-time, I thought it’d be cool to archive my old posts about working with them, and just post stuff to it whenever I feel like it. Like tonight, I just added another one, and I figured, “I should probably go to bed. And also write a blog post and my other blog!” And then my mind went blank after that.

In addition to the archives of stuff on here that you’ve already taken the time to memorize, I’ve added two new posts over there since then. You’ll notice that I’ve refrained from shamelessly using my blog to do some cross-posting mojo to do some self-promotion … at least until tonight. To make it seem like this blog post has actual content, I’ll throw in something slightly more interesting.

I found out recently that I really enjoy bowling. Me and my cousin have been going for a few weekends in a row. We’ve mastered the art of playing 4 games in a row for $10. That’s not bad, considering it’s late Saturday nights. Good times. I’m actually getting better at (since it’s impossible to be worse). The hardest part is getting people to ignore that I’m using an 8 pound ball because I’ll throw out my wrists if I use anything heavier.

Where was I going with all of this. I remember I was playing Skyrim tonight (level 60, yo!), and I was fighting a dragon and trying to eat cheesy nacho goodness at the same time. I kept having to pause my game so I could eat, and I thought to myself, “I can’t pause a nacho.” Words to live by.

In other entertainment, I present to you, the best picture on the internet:

It’s totally legit. They have their own domain and everything:

I think it’s time to go to bed.

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