Batman Beyond DVD Menus and Special Features

This post is the fourth in a series of documenting the artwork of the menus and special features on shows that I own. They’re designed in part to also point out the benefits of physical media when getting extra content that isn’t available to stream online. I have nothing against streaming, but it’d be nice if all this extra content was online as well.

Batman Beyond is a really cool show. I like it a lot. It’s great to see Batman and Gotham in a more futuristic setting. The origin story for Batman here is great as well, it’s pretty grim. I never saw this one growing up so it’s a new acquisition for me. I’ve had the DVDs for a very long time, but have never gotten around to watching the entire series.

The DVD complete series package comes with a bonus disc specifically for special features, and has a full on movie documentary called “Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics” that’s an hour and a half long!

I hope you enjoy the screenshots of the DVD menus! I’ll be doing the ones for Blu-rays in a separate follow-up post.

Season 1 Disc 1

The main menu cycles through ten different images, so there’s a lot of just this menu

  • Audio commentary on Rebirth – Part One with producers Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Glenn Murakami, and director Curt Geda
  • Audio commentary on Shriek with producers Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Glenn Murakami, director Curt Geda and writer Stan Berkowitz

Season 1 Disc 2

  • Music of the Knight
  • Inside Batman Beyond (9:36)
  • Trailers

Season 2 Disc 1

Season 2 Disc 2

Season 2 Disc 3

Season 2 Disc 4

  • Inside Batman Beyond: The Panel (11:46)
  • Trailer: Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 4
  • Trailer: Superman: Brainiac Attacks Original Movie
  • Trailer: Justice League Heroes Video Game
  • September DC Comics Kids (trailer for The Batman and Teen Titans)
  • Trailer: Justice League Unlimited Season One
  • Trailer: Thundercats Season 2, Volume 2
  • Trailer: Justice League Season 2 / Superman Volume 3

Season 3 Disc 1

Season 3 Disc 2

  • Inside Batman Beyond: Volume 3 (9:29)
  • Close-Up On: Out of the Past (4:30), The Call, Part 1 (6:18), The Call, Part 2 (4:11), Curse of the Kobra, Part 1 (4:47)
  • Trailer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2007)
  • Trailer: The Batman Season 3, Teen Titans, Season 3
  • Trailer: Cartoon Network DVD

Bonus Disc

  • Tomorrow Knight: The Batman Reborn (10:30)
  • Gotham: City of the Future (5:34)
  • The High Tech Hero (5:43)
  • Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics (1:30:19) (yes, that’s an hour and a half long!)
  • Trailer: Lego Universe
  • Trailer: Superman / Batman Apocalypse
  • Trailer: Batman: The Brave and the Bold Video Game

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