in search of lost treasure: tmnt 2007 film score, part two

When I last did my original post six months ago about trying to find the TMNT (2017) film score, I’ve made a lot of progress, and even found an original copy of the digital source. I haven’t been able to find a CD promo release of the music though, and based on what I found, I don’t think there ever was one. That’s not hugely surprising, a lot of soundtracks don’t get one.

To start off with, I had originally checked the composer’s web site at His site has a display of all the films he’s done, with pictures of the posters (also, I could have sworn he had contact info on his site when I first looked at it, now it’s gone). I didn’t think that did me a lot of good at the time. However, it never occurred to me to actually click on the link. I didn’t even realize they were links until another time I was visiting. Doing that though, shows the actual tracks that you can listen to on the site!

This display also puts to rest how many tracks there actually are (46), and their correct names. I wondered if I could download the tracks, so I did some inspection of the page (hit F12), and it turns out they are hosted on Amazon’s cloud servers, with the links directly accessible. An example of the first track would be

More specifically, here’s what I did. Open developer tools (F12 in Chrome). Set the search filter to mp3 in the tool. Started playing the first title on the webpage by clicking on its link, and the URL will display in the list. Then I just right clicked on the new URL and opened it in a new tab. The playback page will have an option to download the MP3 and there you go! Easy to do. Here’s a screenshot that might help:

You could go through all that work, but I’ve got the links here directly if you want to open / play them.

  1. Story of TMNT
  2. 3000 Years Ago
  3. Ghost of the Jungle
  4. Finding Leo
  5. Donatello
  6. Nightwatcher
  7. Your Brothers Need You
  8. Those Glory Days
  9. These Guns
  10. Enter Winters Corp
  11. Winters Delivery
  12. Foot Clan
  13. Sidekick
  14. I Love Being A Turtle
  15. Nightwatcher
  16. Arise Brothers
  17. Leo Returns
  18. I-Beam Fight pt.1
  19. I-Beam Fight pt. 2
  20. I-Beam Fight pt. 3
  21. Karai Complains
  22. Splinter Briefing
  23. Gathering Monsters
  24. Watching Foot
  25. Witnesses
  26. Raph Wounded
  27. Legend of Yauto
  28. Raph Quits
  29. 13th Monster
  30. Deli Monster
  31. Deli Help
  32. Nightwatcher Chase
  33. Raph Fights Leo
  34. Leo Taken
  35. They Took Him
  36. Leo’s Prison
  37. Stars Align
  38. Stone Mutiny
  39. Freeing Leo
  40. Winters Feud
  41. Stones Fight
  42. Final Monster
  43. We Did It
  44. Winters End
  45. Masks
  46. Love Being A Turtle

While I was searching for more information on the film, I found the Movies Anywhere site that has a trailer for it. I found one on YouTube but the quality wasn’t that great. I found one on a DVD (can’t recall which one now, though) and it was good quality as well but not great, so I like the Movies Anywhere one best. Amazon Video has one, but it’s lower quality as well.

I also found more information about the CD covers, which were generated by some loving fans, not part of an official promo release.

This first one above is from The Score Designs, which is a cool site that makes custom covers for soundtracks. I definitely like this one a lot. There is a back cover designed, which only has 45, not 46 tracks. They differ slightly, but I’m not going to into specific details.

This one above, I couldn’t find the origin of it. It shows up on the MusicBrainz entry for the soundtrack, but that’s it. A reverse image search only brings up my original blog post. I could have sworn I found it before, but it’s not in my list of bookmarks. If I find it, I’ll update this blog post.

Some last notes, there’s a good review of the movie on if you want to get more details about the specs and quality. Also, I originally talked about uploading the score to the Internet Archive so it doesn’t get lost, but because it’s so easy accessible I don’t think I’m going to.

I’m glad though that the mystery is solved. It’s a shame there’s no CDs out there for the release, but I’ll take what I can get. Until next time!

2 comments on “in search of lost treasure: tmnt 2007 film score, part two

  1. DatTurtlPower888

    None of these tracks that are linked actually seem complete, they all (With the exception of Nightwatcher, I think) are about half of the actual length they’re supposed to be and so they fade out too early and cut off…

    1. steve Post author

      Hmm, that’s weird. They look complete to me, they’ve got full track lengths. Compare them against this playlist, I only looked at the first couple, but the track length matches.

      There’s also another YouTube one here, but the tracks are longer, so they must be putting them together. This is the one I actually prefer myself.


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