cleaning up realplayer support, part two

I have been crazy busy lately, this being my last week of work at my job (I start a new one on Monday), but I had time to squeeze out this update today.

Finishing up in my attacking the realplayer saga, the ‘real’ use flag will work again on amd64 for the win32codecs package. All it does now is pull in media-video/realplayer, but that is enough to get the pre-compiled mplayer-bin to work correctly with RealVideo streams. The reason is because the binary is configured looking for RealPlayer codecs at /opt/RealPlayer/codecs, which are provided by the realplayer ebuild, which is also pre-compiled for 32-bit.

Anyway, hopefully that helps some stuff. It did fix the issue on this bug here, which is good, so if that stream works, other ones should be good to go as well. I know another one that I watch regularly works, so I’m excited for that.

I should mention also that the use flags will only show up as optional if you are running a recent version of portage. I think anything v2.1.2 or higher will work. The reason is because the real flag is package unmasked for amd64 on mplayer-bin, and older versions don’t see that.

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  1. Patrizio


    about 64bits release…isn’t possibile to restore helixplayer compilation, in order to have 64bits native player and let 64bits mplayer link against helix codecs?

    i remember helix was dropped because needed a mainteiner, not because it was broken or whatever…


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