death to sql server (part 3)

It’s been a good while that I’ve ranted and raved against MS SQL Server. I’ve actually found a few bugs since then, I just haven’t documented them.

My beef this time around is that SQL Server 2000 doesn’t have a TRIM() function. What’s even more strange, is that they do have RTRIM and LTRIM functions. So, if you want to trim something you just run “UPDATE table SET foo = RTRIM(LTRIM(foo));” Brilliant!

Just another reason to love open source software — you get incremental bug fixes and feature upgrades. This would have been fixed in any other database a long time ago, but since new features == new versions released every five years with Microsoft, you’re just plain stuck with what you paid for the first time around.

Yes, I know I’m trolling but really … what defense do they have? I know I can create a UDF to do the work for me, but that’s besides the point that I’m right and prefer laziness. Plus, it’s one thing to say “MS suxxors” and another to point out why their software is so shoddy. And if there’s one thing I enjoy doing, it’s educating people on why they’re wrong and Gentoo is the extreme answer to everything.

Now go emerge postgres, ya jerk.

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