first annual netflix movie rental roundup

I have had a Netflix account for a year and a week now. My brother suggested it to me, and got me a free trial, which started all the madness so long ago. I’ve been much too busy lately to watch any movies, but I have still seen my fair share this year. So, as a summary for the year, here’s the stats of pretty much everything.

Current plan: 1 a month (unlimited)

# of times I changed my plan: 8

# DVDs at home: 4

# of movies in my queue: 500, the max limit

# of movies I’ve rated: 1,543

# recommendations: 9

# of movies I’ve rented: 118

# of 5-star ratings (from rentals): 3

# of 4-star ratings (from rentals): 7

# of movies I’ve bought on DVD (because of rentals): 7

The ratios of high-rating or even buying the movie to renting is really low. But of those that I have bought, three of them (Oliver Twist, The Escape Artist, Rabbit-Proof Fence) are so good, that it was well worth the pain of every other crappy movie I’ve sat through. In fact, that’s why I’m sticking through it. I’m looking for the next 5% that are worth buying. 🙂

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