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My big thing of late has been analytics.  I’m finding that when I’m a bit confused as to how to proceed, that gathering and categorizing my available data helps give me a good roadmap.  I am, by nature, a really visual learner, so getting things in that type of hiearchy really is effective for me.

Tonight, I was bored, and was thinking how stretched thin I am right now (I essentially have three jobs at the moment, eek), and I started wondering about my skill set in general, so I wrote it all down.  You can see the lovely unordered list here.

I compiled it out of curiosity more than anything else.  I’m not interested in comparing my skill set to anyone else, or anything like that, and I’m certainly not trying to toot my own horn .. I’m certainly not into that.  But I did find it interesting.  I know I’ve always been a hybrid between web developer and systems admin, and then throw in some multimedia stuff on the side.  It’s really odd.  I realize that.  I like, though, that I pursue everything that interests me, even if it does totally wear me out.  I like knowing what I’m into and what doesn’t appeal to me.

So, yah.  That was fun.  It was hard getting them all down, and I’m sure I probably missed a few.  I don’t think I could really categorize Gentoo too well, as it’s taken up a lot of room in my life over the years, and really helped push me in a lot of directions.  I’m really grateful for that.  I love learning new stuff.

And, for the record, I really did write a CLI frontend to rip TV shows off your Tivo.  I’ve never released the code into the wild.  That’s on another huge list .. of projects to eventually accomplish.

Edit: for the record this is one of those posts I was debating publishing or not.

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