gentoo bug funness

Gentoo’s bugday was this weekend, and I think it went off rather well. I got to scractch a lot of itches of mine, mostly cleaning up amd64 bugs, and beating them down from an incredibly insane level to an embarrassingly behind one. There’s still a lot I didn’t get done, like bumps of mplayer-bin, wordpress, oxine and ogmrip, the first two of which are really needed (I would really appreciate an ebuild of wordpress).

Anyway, I’m pooped and I’ll be taking it easy this week, and maybe a bit longer than that. Too many other things going on that need my attention right now as well, like organizing my music. I still don’t have a frontend to all my albums (aside from gnump3d, I meant to bump that too, dang it), so it makes it a bit of a pain when I want to listen to something.

It was a lot of fun though to work with other devs in realtime to get a lot of these issues fixed, and I’m looking forward to meeting some this weekend as well. Thanks to everyone who participated and pitched in. Now fix all the bugs I filed, ya jerks. 🙂

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