gentoo + youtube – flash + mplayer

So, if you’re getting a little tired of Flash and it’s silly security hiccups, but still can’t live without the YouTubey goodness that is the awesome sauce of life, here’s a simple solution I stumbled onto: use mplayer to watch the videos!

I haven’t found a way to embed this in my browser yet, but I haven’t really looked either, so this is for all the CLI geeks.

$ mplayer $(youtube-dl -b -g

And thar ya go. 🙂

Oh, and did you know that Flash Gordon is on Blu-Ray now?  Flash!  Aaaaaa-ah!

5 comments on “gentoo + youtube – flash + mplayer

  1. marens

    If you use firefox you could add

    The extension automatically replaces embedded flash videos with mplayer compatible videos, allowing to watch flash streaming content with a less CPU intensive plugin. The process is almost instantaneous on most web sites, while others take a second or two.

    There is no need to install a standalone player or download the videos, since the replacement is done on the web page, after it loads. You will watch the videos embedded as they should be. Nevertheless, you will need an mplayer compatible plugin.

    Compatible Linux Plugins

    * totem
    * gecko mediaplayer [recommended]
    * vlc plugin

  2. K.E.Brunk

    Hi Steve,

    if i understand the dependencies right minitube is the one you should not miss if you want youtube without adobe. With that there is no need to know the “watch?v=xyz..123..”-stuff. Nice search engine and history.


  3. Argus Augus


    – supports the (my) important video websites (*)
    – allows login via password
    – can do streaming and/or download

    (*) $ clive –hosts flv|3gp|mp4|hq|hd flv|mp4 flv flv flv flv flv|hq|hd flv flv|hd flv|vp6_928|vp6_576|vp6_64|h264_1400 flv|ipod|high flv flv flv flv flv
    (*) $


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