getting back online

If it feels like I disappeared for awhile there … that’s because I did. The last few weeks have been pretty crazy.

First off, I decided to move all of a sudden. I’ve been wanting to ramp up my studies, so I decided to move to a smaller apartment with less rent, and do the whole student thing as much as I could. I got an awesome little one-bedroom in the Avenues district near downtown Salt Lake City.

Then, I headed off to Georgia for a week with the family for Christmas vacation. That was fun.

When I came back, I got sick really bad, and had to go to the ER a few times. I ended up getting admitted to the hospital for almost a week because my stomach was acting so poorly. I ended up throwing up non-stop most of that week, and I have the bloodshot eyes to prove it. They did a lot of tests on me, and the news is all good. 🙂 I don’t have an ulcer, which is nothing short of a miracle in my book. They did an endoscopy at the hospital, which I’ve had doctors recommending I do one for ten years. No ulcers, no intestinal problems, no cancer of the stomach or anything like that. They actually said my stomach looked good! So far, we think that it was a stomach virus that landed me in the hospital. I’m doing much better now, thanks. 🙂 I lost about ten pounds during my stay, though, and I have been eating non-stop since I got home. Craziness.

So, I’ve been taking this week off, and I just got an Internet connection setup yesterday. I got rid of half my computer stuff, including my server that hosted my blog, so I’m gonna try hosting it on WordPress for now. We’ll see how that goes.

I still need to migrate Znurt’s site, and I’ll get to that as soon as I get a chance.

Anyway, yah. Not dead yet! 🙂

That’s about it for now. Obligatory boring update post will now end.

5 comments on “getting back online

  1. kernelOfTruth

    Hi !

    fortunately you’re better now – Get well soon!

    if you need to take a break – do it !

    Health after all is our most precious possession 🙂

    good to hear that znurt will be up again

  2. velda

    Yay! I was just looking through my own blog for something and saw a link to yours and thought, darn, I guess I ought to remove the busted link. So I’m super pleased to see the link working. Here’s hoping you’ll get the old content imported as well. It is good stuff.

    Also, I’m glad-as-all-get-out that you don’t have an ulcer or cancer or anything lastingly bad going on in the belly, that you’ve got a the raddest apartment ever, and that the back-to-school thing is panning out beautifully for you. But you know that. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Clemmitt Sigler

    Glad you’re feeling better — stomach viruses can make things very… unpleasant — and are getting back online. Just wanted to leave a note to say that Znurt is “the bomb.” Would that Gentoo would use Znurt in place of pgo, which I’m sure is secure, but I loathe. Equally well done is which is Chris Peschke’s Gentoo package site. Thanks for Znurt and all your efforts for Gentoo!


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