good skating session

The weather today has been absolutely amazing, considering it’s November, and since I was at home all day (problems going on with work), I managed to hit up the skate park for a good three hour session. It was a lot of fun, and I really needed both the exercise and the break.

Fairmont skate park

I’m still not any good at skating in the least, in my opinion, since I can’t do any tricks … in fact the only progress I really have to show is that I can almost manual. I’m getting there. One thing I noticed today though is that I always go with the idea of just having some fun, even though I want to practice, too. I only end up spending very little time actually practicing, probably about 10 to 20 minutes, and even then only a few times a week. It’s not really helping things in the long run. The fact is, though, practicing is hard. But that’s about the only thing that’s really gonna help.

One major thing there is still to overcome is just the fear of it all. It’s always pretty subconcious I think, since the worst I’ve hurt myself is I pulled my legs and nearly broke my foot. There’s just something that makes me a bit afraid of launching myself into the air at high speeds and hoping I don’t kill myself that makes it hard to practice to start with.

I was talking to another skater there at the park this morning and I said it’s just crazy how you see these little kids come in here and just ride these bowls and drop right in without any problems, as if they don’t have any fear. His response was interesting, “It’s not that they don’t have any fear … they do, it just hasn’t been beaten into them their whole life like it is for us adults.” How true that is.

Still, despite my slow progress, I’m having the absolute time of my life. It’s great fun. I just wish I was a little better. I’ve though about trying to find someone to give me some lessons, but I have no idea how to find anyone. Mostly I just need some feedback. Ah well, good times. 🙂

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  1. Greg

    good times. wrap yourself in foam, sez me. then there’s no fear. In addition to the fear thing, I think kids bounce more than we do… you know, the bigger they are the harder they fall… 🙂


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