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I spent all last week working really hard on getting my MythVideo setup all cleaned up (and I still need to write a post or two about some new stuff), and moving next in my todo list, getting GPNL and the Packages websites back up to speed is my next goal.

The thing is though, I haven’t worked on this in so long, I can’t really remember what it is I want to do.  Sure, I have a bug tracker, but if there’s anything anyone thinks should take priority (on the list or not), lemme know.

I only really have three main things on my plate:

– robbat2 showed me how to access portage metadata directly instead of using the SQLite module + backend, so I wanna switch over to using that (attempt #3 at accessing portage data, whee!)

– Need to start checking for EAPI 2 usage in ebuilds.  I have no idea what will happen right now, which means it’ll probably break things.

– Make displaying the ChangeLogs optional on the packages site.  Man, that gets in my way.

Oh, and note to self — also want to get aliz’s old stable candidates website back online.

2 comments on “gpnl and packages todo

  1. Craig

    What work have you done on MythVideo? I’m excited about the prospect of a 0.22.x ebuild… if that’s the case, where can I get it?

  2. Steve

    MythTV 0.22 is already in the tree. MythVideo’s code hasn’t been updated or changed since about 0.20, so no need to push a new build.


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