happy pie day!

I have a somewhat annual tradition I like to do around Thanksgiving, which is go visit random friends and family that I know, drop off a pie, and at the same time pick up any spare clothes that they may have, and then take them to the homeless shelter.  I’ve never really been a big fan of Thanksgiving, since I’m kinda meh about turkey, and I don’t really like sitting around all day.  Thanksgiving, however, is a perfect holiday when everyone else is home, so it’s easy to stop by almost any place and pick something up.

I’m going to try and do this again this year, but this time around be a bit more organized.  So … here’s specifically how it works.

I make lots of chocolate cream pies, and if you live in either Salt Lake County or Utah County or Davis County, I’ll swing by when it works for you, deliver one, and ask if you have any spare clothes or items you can donate to the homeless in Utah.  I’ll be out and about all day WEDNESDAY Nov. 26th through SUNDAY Nov. 30th, and can come any time if there’s a preference.

What you can donate: clothes, obviously, are really appreciated, but here are a list of things that I myself am always surprised to hear what they need:

  • towels
  • disposable razors
  • sleeping bags
  • diapers

As far as clothes go, we need them of ALL sizes (including big and tall, and plus sizes) and for ALL ages — yes this means babies, small children and teenagers along with adults.  The biggest ones out of anything need to be UNDERWEAR and SOCKS — again, for all ages and sizes.  One time a volunteer at a homeless shelter told me “they wear them until they literally disintegrate and fall apart.”

If you can donate something, great.  If you don’t have anything at your house to give, please go to the store and spend $10 on any of the above items.  It’s small amount to spend, but it’ll make a huge difference!

I haven’t decided yet which place specifically I’ll be taking the donations to, but chances are I’ll spread it out based on what I can pick up.  Here’s places I’ve taken stuff to / helped out at before:

So, if you’re up for it, send me an e-mail, message me on Twitter or Facebook, or text me if you have my phone #, and let me know this:

  • possible days / times to come by, and best days to come by — since I’m gonna be all across the Wasatch front, flexibility is appreciated
  • if your pie needs to be sugar-free
  • your address
  • any weird instructions I need to get to your house
  • a phone number I can call you on when I get lost trying to understand weird directions on how to get to your house

That’s it!  Happy Pie Day!

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