learning c++

I have finally gotten off my butt and started working on a goal that I have had for a very long time: learn some C++.

I’ve got two great books (Sams, Deitel) on the subject and between them both they are easy and explanative enough for me.

I’ve just gotten over the boring stuff, like functions and expressions. I remember I actually took an Into to OOP at UVSC about 4 years ago, and I couldn’t even wrap my brain around the concept of a function.  That and the class moved so fast for me I had to drop it.  It scarred me for life and I went on to learn ASP next.  Fortunately I didn’t get too far with that, and I’ve been coding in PHP since then.  Thank goodness the C++ syntax is really similar.  That’s gonna help.

I’m actually really excited to finally learn a really powerful programming language.  I’ve wanted to for a long time, and hopefully before too long I’ll be able to help out on some bugs on more packages.  That’d be awesome.

It’s like President Faust said at General Conference one year, “the difference between wanting to help people and being able to is education.”

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  1. jtaber

    yes c++ is a good thing to learn (though C is even better). For a widget set may I recommend FLTK (www.fltk.org) – it is lightweight, cross-platform, and compiles statically – it’s simple to install and use – hardest thing is creating a makefile. Of course gcc is the background compiler.


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