legend of the green dragon

The whole reason I was yammering on about my virtual hosts in my last post, was because I had to cleanup a mess I made with my PHP installation. Turns out if you add support for multiple languages and Unicode, and then take it off and access your MySQL databases that are set to UTF-8, it really foobs stuff up. So, I got that all cleaned up, and installed Legend of the Green Dragon on my server. 😀

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, have you ever heard of Legend of the Red Dragon? It’s the original old-school awesome, amazing, hilarious, really fun BBS game from back in the day, when young punks like myself would dial up on my 80286 and my 2400 baud modem just to get my daily RPG fix.

The old BBS program is still around, and you can buy it if you want from Gameport. In fact, I actually bought a license about eight years ago or so, which I’m sure I still have somewhere. I could always fire up a telnet server and run that online too. That’d be fun.

Some tenacious coders though, have reproduced the experience in great detail, in an online web-version (written in PHP, uses MySQL as the backend) that’s just as much fun, and is very extensive with the modules it can add.

So, if you’d like to check it out, come create a new account on my server here, or just play online at the official website where there is always lot of people playing.  The only difference on mine is that I’ve enabled just about every module there is, I’m a little more giving in gold and fights, and you can play 4 times a day.  That and you probably won’t get killed by sleeping in the fields every night.
Either way, check it out! 🙂

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  1. Christer

    I had LOGD running on a server of mine for months a while back. A grip of users & pretty regular play. Then my webhost crapped out, limited my sql queries, which caused about a million game crashes a day. That pretty much caused interest to fizzle out.

    Never thought about re-installing it on my home server. Sweet game. Was fun way-back-when & is still fun now 🙂


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