los nuevos ebuilds: es.znurt.org

No es completo, porque no tengo las traducciones por las categorias, pero basta para anunciarlo a lo menos: aruajo me ayudo (o sea, el hizo todo) y traducimos znurt.org a un locale en castellano. 🙂

El sitio esta aqui: http://es.znurt.org/

Translation: I’m all out of cookies.  May I date your daughter?

11 comments on “los nuevos ebuilds: es.znurt.org

  1. Thargor

    I’m not entirely convinced that your translation is correct 😉

    But the site is nice, even if I prefer the English version.

  2. Anton

    I tried RSS feed for x86 and can report it doesn’t work properly.
    It shows more that just x86 updates. Also, it shows ~200-300 new updates every day, which is not true.

    1. Steve

      I’m working on switching to using gettext directly, instead of my original method of just having an array of strings. That’ll make the process easier for people who want to translate it.

      I’ve had offers to translate it to French, Czech and Greek so far, so those will be coming real soon. I’d say within a day or so.


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