mplayer 1.0pre8 released

I saw a post on Planet Gentoo about a new release of MPlayer — after a year wait, no less.

Actually, Luca is nice enough to provide us with development snapshots which is really cool. But check out some of these changes in the changelog. I’m really stoked:

  • Flash Screen video decoder via lavc
  • libdvdread updated to v0.9.4
  • support for some more MythTV NUV files
  • support for variable framerate Ogg/OGM files
  • MPEG-1/2/4 and H.264 decoder speedup
  • ported to GTK2
  • AAC (FAAC) audio encoding
  • encoding zones, DivX profiles support, luminance masking, multi-threaded encoding for XviD
  • configure check and compiler optimizations for VIA C3, C3-2 and Pentium-M
  • configure check and compiler optimizations for AMD-64 extended
  • configure can now run with cross compiling, new configure option –enable-cross-compile
  • Audio/Video synchronisation fixes

Isn’t FOSS great? It’s all about the minor improvements that as a whole make it incredibly much better.

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