mplayer + dvdnav support … kinda

If you’re looking for mplayer + dvdnav support, there’s two ways to get it right now. Depending on how much support you want is going to change which ebuilds you’ll have to use right now, though.

If you just want simple playback support (no menu navigation), then use portage’s tree. Just unmask and emerge media-libs/libdvdnav, then re-emerge media-video/mplayer. That will build against the older, original dvdread library, but it should be enough to get you around the Sony ARccOS DRM. Hint: mplayer dvdnav://[track_number]

If you want the full playback + navigation support, you’re going to have to use an overlay (specifically, mine). I, personally, am against the idea of using overlays since I think it splits the tree, only asks for problems, and reminds me of using Mandrake back in the day when I had to have all these third-party mirrors just to get software I want. So, I’m really against the idea and wouldn’t be doing this unless there were an easier, simpler way.

Ranting aside, my overlay is at Browse the ebuilds here. I would give some slick instructions on how to add it using layman, but since I never use overlays, I can’t tell you how, and I assume that the people who really know what they’re doing don’t need instructions anyway.

There are very few differences in my ebuilds. libdvdnav will use the newer version of libdvdread, so the one from the portage tree will show up as a blocker (and possibly break all your other packages that use it). After it’s installed, you’ll have to use my mplayer ebuild as well, since it’s configured to use the external dvdread library as well. After that, you can use dvdnav:// as you normally would. Hint: mplayer dvdnav://

I know it’s a bit of work, but until the forked libdvdnav can also work as a replacement or secondary slot to libdvdread in the tree, either option which would require testing, that’s how its gotta be. The plus side though is, it works. 🙂

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  1. Karl Zollner

    Hey there I just tried out your mplayer ebuild(could not get it added to layman….). turns out this version of libdvdnav blocks libdvdread(which is used by a lot of things-transcode(k3b), dvdauthor, vamps, lsdvd, mmpython, libdvdplay, k9copy, ogmtools, gst-plugins-dvdread, etc.. Well this version of mplayer builds its own libdvdread so I just put media-libs/libdvdread-9999 in package.provided and edited a couple of ebuilds which had =media-libs/libdvdread-0.9.7* to read =media-libs/libdvdread-9999 and recompiled everything-no problems compiling anything. still havent exhaustedly tested things but everything compiled fine…..

  2. Steve

    Yah, I guess I didnt make that clear … the libdvdnav in my overlay will replace libdvdread, which is why I warned against using it if youre using that lib anywhere else.

  3. nightmorph

    Hey Steve.

    First, much thanks for providing the ebuilds. I downloaded ’em and got ’em compiled nicely, without the help of layman thankyouverymuch!

    gmplayer doesn’t work after being launched from the menu, then using the standard right-click context menu to “Open disc”. The program crashes with a signal 11 error if you try to use the navigation keys. Never brings up the DVD menu, either. It can’t. It also doesn’t work if you try running gmplayer dvdnav:// from the commandline. Phooey.

    Running mplayer dvdnav:// from the commandline does work, and it’s even better with -mouse-movements. The problem then is…you’re running it from the commandline, which is so damnawful stoneage my head ‘asplodes. And I have no idea how to control stuff while using the commandline. Neither I nor my wife want to have to resort to the commandline to watch stuff; that’s what GUIs are for!

    So I’ll prolly be going back to the (crappier) Menu –> Launch gmplayer –> right click in gmplayer window –> DVD –> Open Disc –> Title –> play the “guess which title has the feature I want” game.

    Darned if you do, darned if you don’t. Such is the sad state of DVD playback on Linux. 🙁

    Unless, if course, I figure out what commandline switches there are to launch a fullscreen dvdnav:// mplayer, and add a launcher for it to my menu…hmmm…

    You get all that? 😀

  4. nightmorph

    Also, is there a keyboard command to return to the toplevel DVD menu, in the middle of a segment that’s being played? I can’t seem to find anything in “man mplayer” that covers DVD navigation.

  5. Tim

    Using your overlay, if mplayer is built with media-libs/libdvdnav support, shouldn’t it also depend on media-libs/libdvdcss? I couldn’t get encrypted dvds to play without installing libdvdcss since the external dvdread libs in libdvdnav apparently do not support encrypted dvds.


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