mythtv 0.20 public service announcement

MythTV 0.20 was released today. Yay. There’s a whole lotta fixes, but the one I like the most is the fading menus.

Anyway, I posted this on the Gentoo forums, but it’s worth repeating:

*BACKUP* your mythconverg database before upgrading.

If you don’t, you won’t be able to go back to 0.19-foo. The reason is because with each point release, the schema for the database changes. When you run mythbackend for the first time, it will upgrade your database schema if it needs to. But running an older version won’t roll it back, meaning you will lose all your settings and entries in ‘Watch Recordings’, etc.

Backing it up should be pretty simple. Just get the mysql connection settings from ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt

Then do:

mysqldump -u mythtv -p mythtv mythconverg > mythconverg-`date +%F`.sql


and save that file in a safe place. Heck, I would recommend doing regular database dumps anyway.

Good luck and have fun. 🙂

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