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I’ve been having a slew of issues running Apache on my Linode VPS, which I’m still trying to pin down, so in an attempt to offload some of the usage, I’m now going to use Feedburner to provide the RSS feed for Planet Larry.

I know I’ve played with Feedburner in the past, and kind of flip-flopped on whether to use it or not, but this time I’m sure I’m gonna stick with it.  It’s better for users, since they will always have a feed available (whether I have issues or not), and it’s better for me since I can offload that part of the network traffic, which is actually quite a lot.

I’ve already updated the feeds and my apache config to do a permanent redirect, but if you want the feed URLs directly, here they are:

Sorry for the inconvenience.  It seems like everytime I post about Planet it’s bad news or maintenance.  Believe me when I say that it aggravates me far more than it does you.

Specifically, the issues I’m having is that Apache is sucking up all the available RAM, of which I only have 360 megs on my account.  It’s then rolling over to using all the swap space as well, which only slows things down even more.  I’ve just started playing with tweaking the MPM configuration a bit, and I’m still trying to find a reasonable solution for my configuration.

In the past, the Linode had been seizing up occassionally, and I’d normally just reboot it and get on with my life.  Recently, I installed monit (an awesome app), and pinpointed that the issue seems to always be with apache.  Now, I’m just trying to narrow it down even  more from there, but offloading the RSS feeds seems like a good step to take anyway … I get gigabytes of traffic per month just on that, believe it or not.

I’m toying with the idea of setting up lighthttpd instead, but I really prefer apache, and would rather set it up to behave in a low memory environment instead.  So, for any downtime in the near future, chances are it’s just me tweaking something.  At least now, thanks to monit, I have a much better idea of when something goes wrong.

Oh, one other tweak I’ve made is that the planet script itself is more robust as well.  That thing used to run out of control, but I’ve made some changes that will ensure that if it runs away, at least it won’t bring down the system.  I also started playing around with the idea of writing my own feed parser to replace the Planet software completely, and it looks like it’s going to be much simpler than I imagine.  I haven’t actually started down that path yet, since I have bigger projects to complete, but I’m actually enthusiastic that it’d be far, far simpler than I imagined.

3 comments on “new feeds

  1. Jeremy Olexa

    Steve, YDIW =P

    I host multiple sites and multiple feeds from my linode 360. I rarely start swapping and even have free ram available at most times. On mine, I run lighttpd, php, postfix, dovecot, amavisd, spamd, clamav off the top of my head.

    Quite robust actually!

    1. Steve

      But, I agree, aside from that one issue … it’s running really well. I’ve got a lot of other services going.

      Well, not a *lot*, but enough. Standard server stuff.


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