new packages site coming … real soon now

So, the word on the street is I’m jobless … and that’s true.  I got unexpectedly laid off last Friday along with a bunch of other people at work.  In looking for work now (systems admin and/or web development, here’s my resume), I decided the best place to start was to get my portfolio back online so I can actually show companies that I’m capable of doing.  What that means is, the packages website!  Whee! 😀

I have been working on this thing almost non-stop all week, because this site is by far the most complex one I have going for me.  Well, that’s a personal project, at least.  I forgot how much work goes into this thing, as I’ve still got small laundry list of to do items.  But!  The good news is it should be ready and online really, really soon now.  Hopefully this weekend if I can squeeze more blood out of me.

I got to see the new design this morning, and I gotta say, I am absolutely floored by how amazing it is.  My brother-in-law was kind enough to do an original design for the rewrite, and I gotta say … it’s just spanky.  I love it. 🙂  He also redid the design for Planet Larry if you want an idea of his skill level.  Thanks, David!

Anyway, I’m not gonna open up the site just yet, but I do wanna start getting a list compiled of people who are interested in doing some beta testing for me.  Just send me an email if you’d like to help out.  It’s not really a big deal if you wanna do it — I just need you to poke around, use it like you normally would, but (and this is important) actually send me feedback about any bugs you find or suggestions you have.  Lemme know.

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