new year’s predictions

I thought it might be kind of fun to see what kind of predictions I can set for myself for the upcoming year.  I’m a creature of habit, so this shouldn’t be too hard for most of them. 🙂

  • I’ll finally cancel Comcast and switch over to watching Netflix movies (in the mail and on demand on my Tivo) and everything from my massive library
  • I’ll eventually buy that Mini-ITX motherboard I’ve been wanting for so long, only to find out something really simple (like sound) isn’t supported in Linux.
  • I’ll think about getting surround sound again, but will shrug it off because of the high costs of speakers
  • I’ll find even more PS2 games that I’ll fall in love with (I’m already blown away by how many I’ve found, I figured I’d be lucky with 2, but its more like 12 so far)
  • I’ll finally go to Disney World for a vacation
  • I’ll think about driving down to DisneyLand but shrug it off
  • I’ll spend an entire day setting up an extra box to run Windows so I can play with and test streaming to and converiting for Tivo, PS3, PSP etc. and then never use it 5 minutes after setting it up.
  • I’ll get tired of LOLcats.  Maybe.
  • I’ll think about retiring from Gentoo again, but instead just disappear for a month or two and take a hiatus.
  • I’ll break something major in the tree post-hiatus.
  • I’ll finally find a decent place to host my webpages for cheap (need postgres 8.3, php5, mysql5 and cron)
  • I’ll merge GPNL and Packages websites into one, and have it use AJAX everywhere and break permanent URLs
  • I’ll finally finish GPNL backend to read ebuilds directly (almost done, actually)
  • I’ll think some more about learning C++ so I can rewrite bend / drip to access discs directly.
  • I’ll buy Mr. Belvedere on DVD the second it comes out and have a marathon watching at least 4 hours of it in a row (hey, it happened with Silver Spoons .. and Super Friends).
  • I’ll finally buy the last 3 seasons of Voyager (my favorite Star Trek series, ironically … and I have all 7 seasons of TNG and DS9).
  • I still won’t upgrade my ancient version of MythTV
  • I still won’t switch to Blu-Ray, but I’ll buy a few discs just because they look awesome in HD (Batman Begins, Kung Fu Panda).
  • I’ll finally finish writing my MPlayer Gentoo documentation (halfway done)
  • I’ll finally write my howto on creating an embedded Gentoo MythTV frontend under 220 MB (works great, SSD ftw!)
  • I’ll really love it when skating weather comes around and I’ll get into it much more this year.  I’ll start to learn how to balance properly and get a decent kicturn in.  It’ll be a great summer, and I’ll spend every night going out.

I’m pretty predictable, so I think most or all of those will come true.  Lots of stuff I wanna get accomplished, that’s for sure.  I left out the more personal stuff since I don’t really touch on that here anyway.

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