nothing to do on a saturday afternoon

Me and my good buddy Jared were hanging out tonight for a little bit.  First we went and saw Cars (because there’s nothing else to see that we haven’t both seen already), and were so bored that we left after about the first half hour or so.  Then we went up on a short walk through Provo Canyon.  It is really pretty up there.  We both mentioned how good exercise it is to go for hikes, and how it would be easy to get in shape doing something like that.  So we decided that instead of trying to find a stupid movie to go see on the weekend, we’d start going hiking instead.

I’m actually pretty excited by the idea.  It’s a good chance to get away from computers and technology that consumes my life so much these days, and instead just get out in the open fresh air where you can think clearly and have some fun.  I’m not much of an outdoorsy guy, as in I don’t do it much, but I really enjoy it.  Growing up, camping was always my favorite activity to go do for the youth church activities and things.  We’re gonna go camping in a few weeks, too.  That’s gonna be some great stuff.

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