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I’m working on cleaning up some planet stuff again, and for Planet Larry I made a small policy shift — if your feed is spitting out partial feeds, I’m not gonna accept it anymore.  Currently it only affected like two people, I think (unless I missed someone), so if you wanna get back on … fix it. 🙂

I realize it’s a small case of me shoving my own preferences down the pipe, which is something I avoid as much as possible.

If I’m going to add on one more asinine policy requirement, I figure it’s fair that I take one away as well, though most people probably don’t notice or care about this one. I prefer to have the blogger’s name show up as the blog title, and have in just about every case (minus one) forced them to be that way.  But, I’ve changed my mind there as well, so if you want to customize the name on the feed, I can do that for you.

An example would be that my blog (wonkablog) shows up in the list as Steve Dibb (my name).  So, if you wanna change it from displaying your name to something else, just drop me an email.

And, as always, more bloggers are welcome to sign up. 🙂

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