planet larry needs a new home

Alright, so in my quest to move forward with my life, I’m going to be discarding certain projects that I really haven’t been making a priority.  Planet Larry is one of those.  I’ve always thought that the idea of a planet feed for a Linux distribution’s user base is a good one, but it’s just never become a priority for me and so it’s suffered where it could have really taken off and done well.  I’m hoping the next owner will be a better steward.

So, if you are sincerely interested in running it, shoot me an email at beandog at gentoo dot org and I’ll let you know everything that’s involved (hint: not much).

Edit: I should add, this doesn’t require being a Gentoo developer.  The Planet was never an officially sanctioned Gentoo project, and it was never intended to be.  Anyone with the ganas can run it. 🙂

Edit: Thanks to all the people who have offered to help.  I’ll say the same thing I said to all of them: I’m going to wait a few more days to see who else steps up and has ideas for the site.  Also, no, I haven’t decided what to do with Znurt for now.  I don’t have any plans of giving up ownership yet.

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