pole position

Yay, cartoons!

So, I happened to stumble upon this one cartoon not long ago, that I had completely forgotten about … Pole Position.  I think I saw a video about it YouTube or something, I don’t remember.  80s cartoons is a popular subject in #uphpu.

Watching the video though, I was like, “meh, another old-school Japanese-styled animation show” until I saw the little computer face in the dashboard … then all kinds of memories came back to me and I was like, “dude, I totally remember this show!”


I managed to snag a copy on Amazon, even though it’s been out of print.  I didn’t even know it was on DVD.  Since then, I’ve been totally obsessed with this show.  The theme song, in particular.  I can’t get it out of my head.  Probably because I sing it to myself every 30 seconds.


Sadly enough, there were only 13 cartoons produced.  It looks like it could have done well.  I don’t know why this one triggered such a response in me — especially since I didn’t even remember the title — but I think I may have clued in on it a bit.  It features cool cars with electronic devices.  As a little kid, I’m sure I was totally enchanted by that.  Heck, I’ve always found computers extremely fascinating.  Just that they work how they do amazes me.


I don’t remember the show, but I do remember the old Atari video game.  It was fun.  I also remember playing E.T. though, and wondering what the heck the point of the game was.


I’ve been watching the show since I got it last week, and I love it.  It’s really cool, actually.  The first few I’ve seen so far start out with them (whatever their names are, on the secret Pole Position team) doing a live stunt show, and, it seems like, with totally random moves made up on the fly.  It’s pretty hilarious now.  But man I love how old cartoons just do random stuff and don’t even bother trying to explain it.  Good times.  I really miss shows like that.

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