Private: what a surreal day

Man, today has been nuts. Coming up with the April Fool’s day posts have really been a drain on my brain. On top of that, I totally forgot my glasses at home today, so my eyes have been a bit sensitive. Plus, I forgot to take my meds last night so I keep turning my head involuntarily because Ginger will just not *shut the crap up*. Gaw. Just when I thought the MPD was getting a bit better, too. It’s probably time for a new poem.

Ah, well, I need a break after all of this. I’m definitely up for a movie tonight, I’ll have to see if Lola will come along. Things have been a bit stressful lately …. I can’t convince her to give up the baby, and I still have no idea what we’re gonna tell her parents. Not that it matters in the long run. Everybody probably thinks I’m gay from my last post about the cats. I think everything will work out once we move to Puerto Vallarta anyway. Let them all try to figure out what happened while I’m laying on a beach.

I’m heading home.

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