quick and dirty opendns howto for gentoo (using openrc)

If, like me, you don’t trust your ISP’s nameservers to be patched and working correctly (or for them to sell you out to advertisers by redirecting broken links or whatever), then here’s a quick solution to setting up your box to use OpenDNS servers instead.

Using this assumes three things though:

  • You don’t have anything in /etc/conf.d/net
  • You are a DHCP client
  • You are using sys-apps/openrc

Anything besides that, you’ll just have to figure it out yourself, though the commands should be close.  BTW, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Add this to /etc/conf.d/net:


If eth0 is not your primary NIC, then you’d have to change that.

Then just restart net.eth0 (/etc/init.d/net.eth0 restart) and  you should see this in /etc/resolv.conf:


3 comments on “quick and dirty opendns howto for gentoo (using openrc)

  1. anon

    You realize that opendns redirects invalid domains to their own search page and sells the tracking data just like the ISPs right?


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