remuxing the audio

I really, really hate AAC.  Don’t ask me why … it’s an unreasonable hatred.  But, who cares.  Last night I downloaded a trailer from Apple’s website (they have them in HD, how cool is that … my computer couldn’t handle the 1080p one, heh), and of course the audio was in AAC.  I hate that.

I wanted to get just the audio from the file, decode it using faad, then re-encode it to AC3.  Normally in a situation like this, you would just use mencoder to re-encode the audio portion and create a new AVI.  But, I always have problems with that when I just want to copy the video portion (mencoder -ovc copy -oac whatever … ), so instead I just dump the audio, reencode it, then mux it all back in one file.

More specifically, this is what I do:

1. Start with a file where I want to keep the video the same (copy it, no encoding), but only re-encode the audio to another codec.

2. Extract the audio to a WAV file using mplayer

mplayer -vo null -vc null -ao pcm:fast:file=cool_movie_trailer.wav

3. Reencode the WAV to the codec of my choice.  In this case, AC3 (emerge media-sound/aften).

aften cool_movie_trailer.wav cool_movie_trailer.ac3

4. Mux the original video into a Matroska file, ignoring the audio track, and inserting the AC3 track instead

mkvmerge -o cool_movie_trailer.mkv -A cool_movie.trailer.ac3

The -A flag tells mkvmerge to ignore any audio tracks from the .mov file, thus the .ac3 file becomes the first (and only) audio track.  Without that flag, I could have had both audio tracks on there, but I don’t really want that either.

That’s pretty much it.  I wrote a little bash script to do the whole thing for me:

BASE=`basename ${1} .${EXT}`


mplayer ${1} -vo null -vc null -quiet -ao pcm:fast:file=${WAV}
aften ${WAV} ${AC3}
mkvmerge -o ${MKV} -A ${1} ${AC3}
rm ${AC3} ${WAV}

Just save it as and the first (and only) argument is the movie you want to convert.  So, and it’ll spit out the .mkv file and delete all the temp files.

No more AAC.  I’m happy. 🙂

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