still no linksys love

I’ve spent all afternoon on my little linksys half-brick, trying to get it up and running.  I have had a little success, which I posted here in the OpenWRT forums, but I’m still stuck.  The basic story is that I can boot into failsafe mode, but any and all attempts to completely re-install the firmware isn’t working.

Thanks to everybody who left a message or pinged me on IRC — I appreciate the help.  I’m going to have to look into that JTAG suggestion.  If nothing else, that would be something good to learn how to do.

Maybe next time I’ll just buy another Mini and use that as a router.  Or I could just put another NIC in my server and have it double as a router, but where’s the fun in spending $15 on a PCI card when I already spent $100 on this cool little router?  Besides getting in at least eight hours of sleep at night, I mean.

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