that good movie buzz

I just saw one of the coolest movies I’ve ever seen — The Escape Artist. I’ve never seen a story quite like that before, it was amazing. And the acting was absolutely superb.  That kid just stole the show, he is so grown up at such a young age. Great stuff. I love how watching a new, great movie totally leaves you with that cool feeling of “wow”. Netflix has been pretty good to me, that’s the third really good movie I’ve seen from them recently.

I actually found out about this flick from the soundtrack, first. Percepto Records puts these old, unreleased great scores on CD and sells them. Most of the movies in their catalog I’ve never even heard of before, but it usually stands to reason that if it’s worth going through the trouble to get the soundtrack released, then the movie is worth watching. I don’t remember how I saw it on Percepto, but I checked out the reviews, and they seemed positive, so I got the movie. I’m glad I did. I’ve already bought the score, too.

Man, I love good movies. It gives me hope knowing there are some really good ones out there that I’ve never heard of before, and I can discover them for the first time. What a feeling. It’s a buzz. 🙂

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